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What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of becoming an architect? and are the jobs for architects still badly impacted by the economy? was it difficult for you to get your job? sorry to ask all these questions >.< but I would appreciate it if you answered them(:


Do some real research on the career. Do an internship at an office, contact your local AIA office or visit a college, perhaps a summer academy.

I’m living in a bubble in Santa Fe (small town, small market) but I think the economy is starting to bounce back (someone chime in if I’m way off). Architects are heavily affected by downturns in the economy. I moved from Seattle to Santa Fe last year when the outlook was still grim for a lot of architects. The move was for professional and personal issues.

Hope this helps. Please also know that you can view some of my past questions and answers here. cheers - thomas


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