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The right hand does the right hand’s work, the left hand does the left hand’s work.

Kenya Hara

A whale is harpooned only when it spouts.

Henry Hillman

In order to bend or break the rules, you have to master the rules.

Bjarke Ingels

Stay focused, avoid fashion, and don’t pay too much attention to what anyone else is doing.

Ivan Chermayeff

Always remember: no one cares.

Gervais (via kateoplis)

Why would you design something, if it didn’t improve the human condition?

Niels Diffrient

The first draft of anything is shit.

Ernest Hemingway

(via nevver)

It is important to use your hands. This is what distinguishes you from a cow or a computer operator.

Paul Rand

The nature of process, to one degree or another, involves failure. You have at it. It doesn’t work. You keep pushing. It gets better. But it’s not good. It gets worse. You got at it again. Then you desperately stab at it, believing “this isn’t going to work.” And it does!

Saul Bass

(via kateoplis)

It’s not about passion. Passion is something that we tend to overemphasize, that we certainly place too much importance on. Passion ebbs and flows. To me, it’s about desire. If you have constant, unwavering desire to be a [blank], then you’ll be a great [blank]. If it’s only about passion, sometimes you’ll be good and sometimes you won’t. You’ve got to come in every day with a strong desire.

Thomas Keller On Why Passion Shouldn’t Drive You

Decide in your heart of hearts what really excites and challenges you, and start moving your life in that direction. Every decision you make, from what you eat to what you do with your time tonight, turns you into who you are tomorrow, and the day after that. Look at who you want to be, and start sculpting yourself into that person. You may not get exactly where you thought you’d be, but you will be doing things that suit you in a profession you believe in. Don’t let life randomly kick you into the adult you don’t want to become.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s answer to the question, “Any advice to a young person who wants to get into this field?”

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