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My wife is a painter, and a very good one… and we’ve been working together for, oh, twelve years now, I guess… and at first I used to help and criticize things she was doing, and then she would help and criticize things I was doing, and we would … pitch in and do all the jiggering for each other and get it as people do…and then, gradually, things began to get shuffled, and pretty soon you didn’t know, sort of, where one started and the other ended, and anything that we’ve looked at or talked about here, you know, I say that I’m doing it, but actually, she’s doing it just as much as I am.

Charles Eames on his wife and collaborator Ray Eames in 1952

Eames and Lola.. #officedogs (Taken with Instagram)

My dog Eames chilling under my desk at work.

Lazy Sunday…


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ladies and gents, our dog eames.

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