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Site Architecture, Best Indeterminate Facade Showroom (Detail), 1975 (via icancauseaconstellation)

(via uncube)

Pantone (via nevver)

Summer has arrived. (via kateoplis)

Ed Ruscha at the High Line (via kateoplis)

Be-Fun - Fuji Studio, Shibuya 2010. (via subtilitas)

Monday! (via kateoplis)

Loaded Coal Train Cars, Norfolk, VA 2011 (via alex-maclean)

Taylor (via shoppedtattoos)

Men experience many passions in a lifetime. One passion drives away the one before it.

Paul Newman

Haiyanthe most powerful typhoon in recorded history (via kateoplis)

(via kateoplis)

FRI-DAY! (via kateoplis)

(via softpyramid)

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