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Peter Allexander, Untitled (Green Wedge), 1967.
(Cast polyester resin)

All of the Corners, Jason Middlebrook, 2011
(acrylic on myrtle plank)

Comet Street Studio, dRMM

Oscar Tuazon

Chris Burden’s Beam Drop

Allure (rojo y amarillo), 2014 Zimbabue (amarillo), 2014 Lotus (rojo), Jose Dávila, 2014

Jose Dávila

George Nelson

(via kateoplis)

'Jikko-in 1 Ohara, North East Kyoto, 29 June 2004' 'Seiryoden 5, Nanzen-Ji, East Kyoto, 4 March 2009' 'Zuiho-in 1, Daitoku-ji Central Kyoto, 22 June 2004' 'Ryoan-ji, summer, North West Kyoto, 19 August 2004' 'Saiho-Ji, Kokedera, South West Kyoto, 30 May 2009'

Jacqueline Hassink “View, Kyoto”

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